Family Film Awards are very prestigious awards. Sandra Bullocks, Tom Hanks were some of the icons of family film awards. The last awards were held in 1996 IMG_8412581819478Aug 22nd. Family film awards were founded by Antonio Gellini.

Dick Clark was his partner, got sick with stroke and Mr. Gellini did not continue with family film awards. Antonio was hoping for Dick Clark to get better. Meanwhile he continued to work hard on Olympia awards for 29 years, because he was waiting for Mr. Dick Clark to come on board, but unfortunately he left this world in 2013.

Since then Mr. Gellini believes it is now his responsibility to carry on the leadership to regenerate and invigorate family film awards and make history by starting Olympia awards. He is extending family film awards to international family film awards.

He is a family man, who respect women. His vision is to combine cultures, faith, countries via seven arts of the world. We all know majority of the movies made today do not proper content for family to share and have a fun family time.

Mr. Gellini supports and encourage movie makers around the world to make more family movies. He believes in family spending time together

Anthony Gellini has working on Olympia Awards for the last seventeen years family

We are going to re-light and turn on the torch from Greece Athens.

The awards are going to be held in New York.

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