Our Team

Our Team


The idea to establish an organization that would truly celebrate and unite the film world began when Dr. Olympia Gellini, at 17, was a participant at the Berlin Film Festival. From there, Dr. Olympia took part in and attended a multitude of international film festivals, film markets and entertainment industry events. The dedication and passion Dr. Olympia demonstrated over the years  distinguished him in the international film community.

Dr. Olympia efforts caught the attention of the renowned television production company Dick Clark Productions (dcp), in 1994. Dick Clark joined in Dr. Olympia ’s vision by agreeing to produce television awards shows for the World Film Institute (WFI), honoring the world entertainment community.

In 1995 Tichi Wilkerson Kassel, former owner, publisher and editor-in-chief for The Hollywood Reporter and CEO of Hollywood Reporter Industries (publisher of over 70 magazines annually) became acquainted with Dr. Olympia through various international industry events and film festivals. A generous patron of the arts, Tichi over the years has promoted and recognized excellence in all areas of the entertainment industry. She founded Women in Film, the Hollywood Report Key Arts Awards and Marketing Concept Awards, all of which benefit the entertainment and motion pictures industry around the world. Tichi, became aware of Dr. Olympia’s vision and discovered that they shared similar interest and goals so she agreed to assist Dr. Olympia in his life long quest. Dr. Olympia and Tichi established the World Film Intitute as an official non-profit organization to recognize outstanding achievements of the motion picture industry.  Tichi was made the World Film Institutes President Emritus and Dr. Olympia Gellini, its Founder and President.

In October 1995, the WFI held its very own film festival, the “Best of the Fest,” at Unviersal Studios, as part of the semi-annual “Creativity in America Expostion.” At the Gala festival dinner, the WFI honored Helen Harris for her work in the development of “Theater Vision,” an innovative technology designed to enhance motion picture experience for the visually impaired.

In April 1996, WFI presented its first scholarship to UCLA’s School of Cinema. At his Paramount Studios offices, WFI’s Scholarship Committee co-Chairman, Howard Koch made the presentation, generously accepted on the university’s behalf by Dean Gil Cates.

In 1996 Atonio Gellini, Dick Clark Productions (dcb) and Direct TV/Primestar produced the highly success Family Film Awards. This award show was attended by celebrities such as Ron Howard, Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, and many more.

The 24th Family Film Awards will be taped for television on March 24, 2021 at Universal Hilton Hotel at Universal Studio.

This televeision show will be aired once again globaly.


Madam Xiaoqiu Ma will be the Chair of 24th Family Film Awards.

She is founder and President of China DYF Group, and serves as Chairman of the Board of the Hong Kong listed multi-billion dollar asset management firm (HK 612).

A self-made billionaire, her entrepreneurial spirit and the unique management style she brings to DYF (Ding Yifeng) is detailed in her bestselling book Autumn Dialogue秋言物语. The Company’s name translates to ‘prosperity and affluence’, and Ding Yifeng is one hundred percent rooted in China’s intellectual history.

For over a decade, many financial firms have set up business in China. They operate with sophisticated tools and mathematic modeling based on a Western business paradigm.

The tools primarily employed by China DYF Group are embodied in the ClassicBook of Virtues道德经 (571 BCE) andBook of Changes易经 (more than 5,000 years old). Its business model entails curtailing emotion and greed while developing a moral imperative based on patience and a long-term investment strategy.

In her book A CEO Diary, Madam Xiaoqiu states: ‘If you rush, you lose investors’ money. No one has the right to do so’. Her collection of eighty-one essays details the hurdles she overcame in the twenty years it took her to turn a one million dollar investment into a multi-billion dollar financial holding company. The story of Ms Ma Xiaoqiu is not only the story of one contemporary Chinese woman CEO, but also a narrative for Chinese women entrepreneurs who collectively enable growth and success in their employees and clients. A noted Hollywood producer is currently adaptingA CEO Diary for film.

Over the years, Ms Ma has invested in technology, health, travel and resorts, fashion, and beauty. Last year, together with the Board of Directors, she decided to invest in the film industry, and established the Beijing Lishi Film Group. Its aim is to co-produce and promote sophisticated, family-oriented movies for a universal audience.


Family Film Awards Show and Telecast


Roger Neal was on the team for the CBS Network telecast in 1996, 4 yrs ago Neal became the Executive Producer of the Family Film Awards show.
in 2020 Neal will Executive Produce the award show Telecast. he is also a partner for the awards with the founder Dr. Olympia Gellini

Neal has owned and operated Neal Public Relations for 39 yrs, and started producing television specials on his own in 2002. over the past 39 yrs Neal has been involved in many network tv specials such as THE MISS USA, UNIVERSE and TEEN USA TV specials that aired on CBS Network, as well as Game Shows produced by Wink Martindale among many other shows.

Neal was also on the Grammy Nominated team in the 80’s for the Children of the World song, the kids version of We Are the World, now celebrating its 35th anniversary.

Roger is excited to once again be on the producing team that will televise the 24th Family Film Awards.


Dr Jeannie Jinsheng Yi is the author of several influential business books on corporate culture and corporate governance. The Haier Way was recommended by the US Chamber of Commerce to American CEOs traveling to China, while Harvard and other prominent schools viewed The Haier Way as China’s first business case study. The book additionally received numerous favorable reviews, including in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Forbes, and Fortune. Another Dr. Yi publication, Wall Street Trilogy (in Chinese) pioneered a new business model just as China began its transformation to an urban economy with global aspirations.

Dr Yi has acted as an international consultant on entertainment and financial projects that bridge China and the West. Notably, she brought James Cameron’s company Digital Domain to China to pursue funding and acquire local movie studio partners. She also oversaw the formation of a strategic partnership between DHX, Canada’s largest animation company, and CCTV Children’s Animation. As a direct result, CCTV purchased 350 productions from DHX to broadcast in China, with the signing ceremony witnessed by the Prime Minister of Canada.

Dr. Yi has brought Twentieth Century Fox and Village Roadshow to China to create IP-based theme parks. The Hong Kong-listed Imperial Pacific also hired Dr Yi as its Investor Relations expert in developing Saipan into a film shooting base, with the added goal of attracting tourists as well as potential clients.

Dr Yi currently serves as Co-Executive Producer of The 24th Family Film Awards as it grows from its American roots and reaches a truly global audience.

She received her PhD in Literature from Washington University in St Louis.


J. Keith van Straaten is the host and co-creator of “Go Fact Yourself,” a celebrity game show podcast on the Maximum Fun network. J. Keith creates puzzles and games as a senior writer on NPR’s “Ask Me Another,” is a content producer on the syndicated TV game show “Funny You Should Ask,” and wrote many of the games on GSN’s “Chain Reaction.” J. Keith writes about travel for the Los Angeles Times, points and miles for ThePointsGuy.com, and theatre for tdf Stages magazine.


Stoner has spent the last 18 years as Founder and Chairman of the Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce and the American International Business Council. His primary mission was to set up and administrate international business development, consulting services and business relations in the major emerging markets throughout the world. He personally manages the China National Tourism membership and the CCPIT (China Council for the Promotion of International Trade), KOTRA and JETRO and simultaneously assists in all other international operations of the company specializing in China and most of Asia and most of the Americas.

He has worked with most PacRim Governments closely setting up promotions for Trade, Tourism, Technology Transfer and Cultural Exchange Programs as well as financing programs.

Mr Stoner has been lecturing and giving workshops and seminars internationally for over 20 years and is recognized as an international trade expert in many business and government circles in the Pacific Rim Trade Arena.

Prior to this position, Mr.Stoner was the Senior Vice President/Founding Partner of Artesa Marketing Group based in Studio City, California. Artesa Marketing Group served over 50 major fortune 500 companies assisting them through their major advertising agencies and public relations companies in establishing communications and promotions programs with the exploding populations of ethnic groups in the USA. Companies like McDonald’s, AT&T, United Airlines, Philip Morris USA, Century 21 and Domino’s Pizza spent over $25 million annually through his company in their desire to reach these population segments. Other programs led to expanding into the international markets throughout the world in multimedia applications.

Program syndication in sports, movies, and music were also very much a part of Mr. Stoner’s duties helping many large companies enter the international broadcasting and internet markets. Mr. Stoner originally started in advertising sales in foreign language radio and television and was a principal in the first Asian radio station in the USA, KAZN

AM 1300 in Pasadena, California as well as a pioneer in the International Channel on national television in the Americas. He worked closely with producers, production and post production people creating promotional campaigns for his clients. It was here that he made strong connections with foreign broadcasting network executives and advertising clients later expanding into IPTV and internet streaming programs.

Small Businesses in 18 countries looking to grow through contact and business services, development and total relocation packages

Management Director : URI Global
February 2000 – August 2005 (5 years 7 months)
Client management and marketing strategies in North America
CEO : Wilmington Capital
January 1997 – Jun 2000 (3 years 6 months)
Raise capital and engineer Mergers and acquisitions as well as prepare incubating tech


Hillary Atkin

Hillary Atkin has covered about the entertainment industry for USA Today, The Los Angeles Times, Entertainment Weekly, Emmy Magazine, Variety, The New York Observer, The Hollywood Reporter, Television Week and Cablefax Daily.

She is a member of the Writers Guild of America and the Critics Choice Association. She has moderated conference panels at NATPE, ATX Festival in Austin, ATV Fest in Atlanta, SeriesFest in Denver and for Women in Film in Los Angeles.

In addition to writing in-depth profiles of creators at the forefront of the business, her work includes interviews with noted actors Hugh Jackman, Christoph Waltz, Anne Hathaway, Annette Bening, Josh Duhamel, Jon Hamm and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

In the broadcast world, she wrote and produced many hours of quality television and video in an award-winning career. As a television news producer at KCBS in Los Angeles, she won three Emmy Awards for live coverage and entertainment special events programming.

Atkin produced a series of A&E Biographies, including programs on Elizabeth Montgomery, Nicolas Cage and Robert Duvall. She began her career at the NBC affiliate in Albuquerque, KOB-TV, which included a stint as an on-air reporter and public affairs show host, before joining KCOP-TV (now KTTV Fox 11) and then KCBS as a news producer.
On the digital media front, she was a founding editorial board member of the WGA’s website, writing about the convergence of entertainment and technology. She was actively involved in the Writers Guild’s committee on media and technology (CMAT) and two influential digital media organizations, LAwNMoweR (Los Angeles New Media Roundtable) and VIC (Venice Interactive Community).
Ms. Atkin is based in Los Angeles and graduated cum laude from the University of New Mexico with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Speech Communication. She runs the entertainment and lifestyle site atkinreport.com and tweets on the verified account @HillaryAtkin and Instagrams @AtkinReport.

Senior VP production

Evan Weissman

Evan Weissman is the definition of an Entrepreneur. An industry leader in the Event Production, Special Event, Theatrical & Music Video world respected by Industry Leaders, Companies, Brands, Artists, Labels, DJs & other affiliates worldwide.

A highly respected Event Production Specialist and for 25 years, Evan has contributed on countless projects ranging from New Year’s Eve in Times Square, Coachella & EDC Music Festivals, Conferences and Conventions across the country and thousands of successful events.

A Visionary businessman creating and developing new brands that speak to a new age of Event Professionals, Marketing Companies, Event Goers and More!


Eileen Bradley

For the last two years, I have been freelancing as a talent booker working on projects which required me to procure celebrities to appear at everything from State Fairs to the Hollywood Xmas Day Parade to Food Network’s Iron Chef America. A Talent Booker follows viewer trends/audience trends and attempts to book the most popular celebrities for these venues. Whether they are Sports stars, Film personalities or Television stars. It was part of my job as talent booker to always have new and creative ideas on a daily basis to present to my producer for approval.

FYI….. As of Aug. 2019, I booked 3 celebrity biographies for A&E’s new BIOGRAPHY SERIES.

The Real was a daily talk show. We taped nine shows a week. My responsibility was to pitch different celebrities and people in the news to guest on the show. Hosted by 4 women, I would pitch different celebrities from fashion to music to pop culture to informers in the news and politics. Our viewing audience demographics were 28-60 mostly women. Most of the guests I would book on the show were geared towards a female audience. I would come into our production meetings not only with a list of potential guests, but what we could do with this guest and the subject at hand that would interact with our viewing audience. I also had a talent budget which I had to adhere to. The budget was used for airline ticket and hotels when we were going to fly in a guest. It was my responsibility once the guest was booked to give them the proper call times, limo pickup and makeup call time as well as pre interview them for the segment.

Senior Talent Executive & Talent Producer E! Entertainment Television

I was a talent executive at E! for 9 years. Working on our signature biography series, The E! True Hollywood Story, Anna Nicole Smith reality series, Celebrity Homes, Joan Rivers Fashion Police series as well as a host of additional specials E! would produce throughout the year. . In addition, E! would do 2 hour specials on “iconic” television shows i.e. “Full House”, “The Partridge Family,” “Animal House,” “Facts Of Life” & “National Lampoons Vacation.”
I was also covering the red carpet at every award show & film festival in Los Angeles & New York.

West Coast Publicity Director Mercury Polygram Record
(promoted to NATIONAL PUBLICITY DIR. 1980)

As west coast publicity director for this international record label I had to coordinate all press campaigns as well as parties for artists who were touring in Ca. Texas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Washington State, Alaska & Oregon. Between our jazz labels, country labels, pop labels & contemporary artist there was a lot of territory to cover. I set up the campaigns for Roy Orbison new album and tour states within my area. Same for THE RUNAWAYS, Kool & The Gang, Reba McEntire, Jerry Lee Lewis, Thin Lizzy, RUSH & Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Bros. When I was promoted to National publicity Director for the label, I had 4 satellite offices with publicists (Nashville, Chicago, NY & L.A.). Foremost my responsibility was to oversee that everyone was taking care of business. I traveled extensively with my artists (Japan, Europe, Australia).

West Coast Editor 16 Magazine & Spec Magazine

New York City based 16 Magazine Editor Gloria Stavers wanted to have a west coast presence. At the time 16 and its sister magazine SPEC has the largest circulation of any teen/fan magazine throughout the world. 16 moved me to California and established a west coast office. I did about 10 interviews a week along with taking the photos that accompanied the stories. Every night I would type up my notes and send off to NY office. I would look for new “up and coming talent” we could profile in the magazines every month as “Teen Idols Of The Future.” I was involved in the giveaways and contests we held and help choose the winners. It was not a 9-5 position and I would gladly work 7 days a week if that’s what needed to be done. The thousands of letters of fan mail that came in each month had to be read… Thank Goodness for my interns & staff who helped me each Sat. & Sunday night going thru all the mail.



Tisha grew up in show biz family, her dad was the legdendary Irving Fein who managed the careers of Jack Benny and George Burns.

Tisha has been a talent producer, and a producer on many major award shows and tv specials including, The Grammy Awards for over 25 yrs, American Idol, The Beach Boys, The Primetime Emmy Awards,  A Capitol Fourth Celebration, Sinatra: 80 years my way, World Music Awards, American Country Awards, Lip Sync Battle, Billboard Music Awards,  The Nobel Peace Concert, to name a few. She is one of the top talent bookers in Show Business today.

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