Mr. William ZHANG Yi, New Chairman of World Film Institute Board of Trustees

On September 1st, 2017, World Film Institute (WFI) held the executive meeting at its HQ in Los Angeles, U.S. WFI has passed the resolution; Mr. Antonio Gellini Chairman and Mr. Justin Wallner has co-signed the Invitation Letter, in which Mr. ZHANG Yi, Chairman of ECMDC is officially invited to assume the post of Chairman of WFI Board of Trustees.

The World Film Institute (WFI) is a non-profit organization focused on the advancement and recognition of multi-national film making and entertainment. The institute was founded by producer/director Antonio Gellini alongside interested filmmakers, production and distribution companies, and executives from the worlds entertainment centers. In today’s fast changing world, the World Film Institute is a central organization that fulfills the desires for all cultures, races and nationalities to participate in the entertainment industry. Reaching beyond the “first world”, the institute will strive to bring the possibility of film production to those who do not have access to equipment, training, distribution and recognition. The members of the World Film Institute receive advanced technical support services, training, scholarship, and information resources in an effort to meet film making needs globally. The recognition for excellent film making comes in the form of the Family Film Awards and the Olympia Awards. On August 21st, 2017, Mr. ZHANG Yi and Mr. Antonio Gellini signed the Strategic Partnership Agreement between ECMDC and WFI in Beijing.

Mr. ZHANG Yi will be the first Chinese who becomes Chairman of WFI Board of Trustees. ECMDC is dedicated to people-to-people exchange between Europe and China, of which Sino-European film industry cooperation is one of major components. ECMDC has established the close partnership with official film institutes of EU Member States, European film industry partners and European film schools. In the meanwhile, ECMDC has been engaged in the extensive and in-depth cooperation with Chinese film industry partners. Therefore, the new post as Chairman of WFI Board of Trustees will enable Mr. ZHANG Yi to integrate high-quality film industry resources of China, U.S. and Europe into one entity in order to guarantee the successful implementation of the concerned cooperation projects. ECMDC and WFI will work out the best road map for the joint efforts. Both parties will cling to the actual demands of people-to-people exchange within the framework of the Belt and Road, and aim to construct the world film cooperation platform by virtue of the tangible projects including the exchange of film products, the joint talent training of film industry and the exploitation of the international film market etc. ECMDC and WFI will jointly introduce the Family Film Awards and the Olympia Awards into China, and provide more and more windows for Chinese film industry professionals to participate in the exchange and cooperation with the international colleagues.

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